5 Reasons Why A Visitor

Will Leave Your Site

We’ve before mentioned a bounce rate when evaluating your analytics, and a high bounce rate is one of the worst fears for a website owner. Spending days or even weeks perfecting your site to match exactly what you want can feel like a complete waste once a lack of website conversion starts occurring. For those who may not know, website conversion refers to users doing exactly what you want on your website, be it subscribing or clicking a certain link.

Therefore, anyone wondering Why visitors are leaving my site may be surprised to find out that many of those who don’t reach website conversion is because they simply skip your website as soon as the landing page loads. Why does that happen? Read on!

1. Slow Site Loading Time

Imagine going to see your favorite movie at the cinema and seeing a line of over 40 people waiting to get inside.

Now imagine that you look to your right and see another cinema, playing the same movie, and with no one outside. Would you rather wait or go to the one that lets you walk right in?

Well, the same happens with website. A lack of optimization can make your website take ages to load, and that results in a high bounce rate, especially when there are dozens of other websites offering faster services. The time you are striving for your website to load is less than 6 seconds, it seems like a short amount of time – but with website load time, this is stretching a visitors patience. 

If you don’t know what your site load speed is, use the following tools we recommend to check your site speed:

2. Too Many Ads

Advertisers are necessary to make your website more profitable if you’re not selling anything yourself, but too much of it can result in a stronger lack of website conversion. Ads are infamous for being very intrusive, and you can see it all the time in streaming websites that flood the screen with pop-ups. How many times have you gone to a website to read an article about something you find interesting, and either ads are popping up constantly – or you have to click NEXT to going through the rest of the story. It’s not only annoying, but they also slow everything down, and you already know what happens then.

Evaluate your ads you have on your site, and ensure you’re not having BUY HERE, BUY NOW, SIGN UP here popping up at every second. Be strategic where any ads are coming up at, and ensure they are providing value to the content being read.

3. Forcing Visitors Through Content They Don’t Want

We’ve all been to a website offering great content, but they offer it page by page, requiring you to load a new page for each entry. Personally, we leave as soon as there’s no option to load the content in one page, and statistics say that we’re part of the average. Make sure visitors get what they want as soon as possible. Yes you do want people to browser your website, but ensure you are leading visitors to where they want, and offer other open gates to where they could go.

4. Sloppy Landing Pages

Would you go inside a bar with a dirty entrance, boarded windows, and with graffiti all over the front walls? Probably not.

If you’re wondering why visitors are leaving your site, one of the first things you should check is that if your landing page looks good, with perfect grammar, and attractive colors. Your landing page is your greeting card, you can’t let it look less than perfect or your visitors will think they just entered a scam.

If you need some help on how to create a great landing page start looking into Pinterest and see what options are out there that fit within your niche!

5. Attracting the Wrong Kind of Visitors

A lack of website conversion is the only outcome if you attract people that will gain nothing from your website. This is often a mistake in marketing instead of content, as it can be easy to mess up with semantics and conveying a different message to the one you’re really trying to send. A high bounce rate can be diminished by making sure that visitors who click your links are the same visitors that need your content.


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