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Purchase annually, and receive 1 month free.

Add Ons

Additional Hours of Client Updates

If you plan on having a lot of content updates. This is charged by the hour.
Quantity of 2 = Additionally 2 hours of work PER MONTH.

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to purchase more hours.

Additional Site Visitor Analysis

Looking to run more directed ads to your viewers? Purchasing more SVA reports will allow you to observe trends and see who and when people are visiting your website.

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to receive more reports.

Add Some Phone Call Time

If you’re looking to talk on the phone to brainstorm, or get all your questions answered you can add phone calls onto your package. 

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schedule productivity calls.

Why do I need all these updates?

Website maintenance is like that of a car, you have to keep it well maintained so that it keeps getting you where you have to go. With all of the updates that are provided in the maintenance packagethese are all ways to ensure the security of your site is up to date, and won’t leave any cracks for a cyber attack.

With updates, these two bring new functionalities. Such as in the case with a Theme. Divi is ALWAYS updating their framework, so to have a new feature to use on your website is always a bonus.

What are Security Scans?

No matter how protects your website is, there is always that risk someone could find their way into your site, and cause havoc.

With the security scans these scan all the files in your website, and ensure that there has been no break ins, and clearing up any issues that may arise. Just like that of updating your computer malware, fireway and security scanning – this does the same thing.

What's the Purpose of a Speed & Performance Test?

We have all sat on those slow loading websites, waiting for that content we have been searching for. If the page takes too long to load…what do you do? Leave right? These tests that are ran ensure your website is up on it’s speed and performance preventing that loss of a potential lead.

Recently google announced that page speed will now be a part in the algorithm of ranking on google.


What's a Site Visitor Analysis Report?

A SVA is a repor that shows how many people have visited your site, what times are the most condensed of viewers. Where viewers are coming from. What device they view your site on, and more.
A lot of this data is extremely beneficial if you are running ads, and want to target a certain market.

Still Not seeing what you’re needing? Want to make a custom package?


      Welcome to Wild Spirit Development, a design and development business run locally in Highlands Ranch Colorado. The sole owner and designer of WSD is Lauren, who believes that web design shouldn’t be a headache. We all are great at what we do, and letting someone else help you alleviates the headache, and helps you get a project you have pictured.

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