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Why Having A Blog Is Helping Your Web Traffic

Blog is helping your website traffic; here's how and why.

Table of Contents Have you ever heard of the phrase “blogging is king”? It’s true; having a blog can help improve your web traffic in ways that other strategies simply cannot. In this article, we’ll explore why having a blog is so important for driving more people to your website and how it can have […]

How to Create Sales Converting Product Pages

You’ve done it! You’ve created an online shop full of beautiful products just waiting to be snapped up by eager customers. But there’s just one problem: your product pages aren’t converting. In other words, people are visiting your pages but they’re not buying anything. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry—there are a few simple tweaks […]

How to Get your eCommerce Shop Ready for The Holidays

Is your eCommerce Shop Ready for The Holidays? The holiday season is just around the corner and is a time when online stores see a large increase in their traffic, and retrospectively their sales. However, in order to take advantage of this, eCommerce owners need to prepare their digital storefronts in advance. In this blog […]

5 Reasons Why It Might Be Time to Move Your Etsy Store to Woocommerce?

Why It Might Be Time to Move Your Etsy Store to Woocommerce? Reading Time: 00:06:24 Do you have an Etsy store? If so, is it doing as well as you hoped it would? Are you finding that listing and managing your products on Etsy is taking up more of your time than you anticipated? Are […]

5 Tips When Creating A FAQ Page to Help Your Visitors

  Creating A FAQ Page to Help Your Visitors Creating a FAQ page for your website can be a great way to provide answers to common questions that your customers or clients might have. It can also help to direct people towards the information they are looking for on your site. For creating a FAQ […]

20 Web Design Definitions You Need to Know

Do you feel lost when designers start throwing around terms like “responsive design” and “UX?” This guide will help you understand the most common web design definitions so you can be more involved in the process of creating your website. Sitemap: A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. It helps […]

5 Ways to Craft an Effective Call-to-Action

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” The same is true for your website. If you want people to take action—whether it’s signing up for your email list, buying your product, or simply reading more of your content—you need an effective call to action (CTA). Here’s what […]

Best Practices for Image Use On Your Website + Recommended Tools!

Adding images to your website is a great way to help it stand out and communicate your message. However, you need to use them correctly or they can actually do more harm than good. Here are the best practices for using images on your website, and our recommended tools and resources for your own use! […]

4 Easy Ways to Secure Your Website from Hackers

4 Easy Ways to Secure Your Website From Hackers In this digital age, the number of websites has grown exponentially. There are now more sites than viewers can keep track of. However, with the ease of accessing information comes increased risk. With so many sites accessible, hackers have plenty of targets to choose from. Website […]

Wild Spirit Development Makes Expertise Top 34 Best Web Designers in Denver

We are ecstatic to announce that for a second year Wild Spirit Development has be listed as one of the top web designers in Denver! Wild Spirit Development Makes Expertise 34 Top Web Designers in Denver. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Denver, Colorado January 7th, 2022 – Expertise named Wild Spirit Development 34 top web designers in […]

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