The client portal is a page made just for you! Here you can access everything we send you regarding you and your project, including invoices, forms, emails, and more all stored in one convenient place. Everything regarding your project is kept nice and organized on this page so you don’t have to sort through all of your emails.  At the top of any page in the portal, you will see 4 tabs: Home, Projects, Emails, and Profile. Here is a breakdown of the different sections in your client portal. 

Portal Login

This is the first page that you will see! To access your client portal, you will need your email address and your password which we have sent to you in an email


Home Page

The Home page of the client portal will show you all of the new documents I have sent you! Most of the your time within the portal will be on this page. At the top of this page you will see my email address if you need to contact me directly. Then you will see a count of the recent Emails, Forms, and Invoices, that have been added to the portal. Underneath that breakdown, you can see the actual Contracts, Invoices, and Forms that need your attention. You can click on any of these documents to open that form and complete it. 



Contracts in the portal will be marked as complete after you enter in your signature. You will receive an email notification confirming that you signed the contract.


Clicking on an invoice will allow you to make a payment for that invoice. Once the invoice is paid in full, it will be marked as complete and removed from the Home Page. On your invoice, you will see a blue bar representing how much of that invoice has been paid.


Proposals will be marked as complete once you select any package listed and submit. Questionnaires will be marked as complete once all required fields are filled out and sent back. Signing a Sub-agreement will mark that form as complete. 


The Documents page is where you can select what project we are working on. Depending on what we are doing, there may be more than one option.
ie: Website, Social Media, etc


Once you select a project, the Documents page will load up all of the information we’ve sent to you for it.

From here, you can scroll down to see all of the Invoices, Contracts, and Forms we have sent you. Unlike the Home page, the documents page will show you anything related to this project, both Complete and Incomplete. Incomplete documents can be filled out here as well. The Completed documents are housed on this page so that you have a log of everything you have already finished for this project. If you want to download a Contract or Invoice for your record keeping, you can do by clicking on any of the forms and saving that as a PDF file.

At any time, you can send me some pictures or files for inspiration! Under the Documents Tab, I have added a form called Website Content that has a File Uploader on it. You can add as many files as you like to this form and then submit the form back for me so that I get those files 🙂 


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Profile page

The Profile section of the Client Portal is where all of YOUR information is stored! The contact information we have on file will be shown to you on this page. If any information needs to be updated, you can click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner of this page. You can also add an your business information and add an additional contact through this menu.