Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors to Leads

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Written by Lydia Mcclendon

Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors into Leads

You’re ready to unveil your shiny new website! You’ve hired the right designers, squared away your logo, and know just what picture you want to put on your About Page. So why isn’t your website converting visitors into leads?

What if I told you, it’s not your website? It’s you. Yep, you are the reason your website isn’t converting visitors into dollars. You’re thinking, “how is that possible? I did the thing. I paid a professional to create my website and it looks great!”

If you don’t have an SEO  plan in place you can guarantee that while your site may get visitors, those visitors won’t be converted into sales.

Get to Know SEO

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of taking steps to improve the quality, readability, and user experience of your website to increase your presence and reach. Most people associate SEO with Google and it’s a ranking system but it is so much more.

SEO  covers the user experience and usability of your website. That means that even if it looks great when it isn’t functioning properly you won’t close that sale (no matter how aesthetic your website is). There are plenty of resources at your fingertips for developing high-performing SEO strategies, chances are if you’re here you’ve read them. If you’re looking for that piece to make it all click, I’ve got some news for you, you’re in the right place.

Start Here

This is where you put in some (virtual) leg work. If you are happy with your website, chances are you hired the right website designer. Their job is to help you navigate the ins and outs of your very own website. Although they can help you on the back end to find solutions to your site problems, it is up to you to set your marketing up for success. Not everyone has a marketing team to handle their SEO efforts, and that’s okay. No matter the size of your business, implementing SEO tactics is much more simple than you think. The first step can seem like the most daunting, that’s why I’ve included a handy checklist to help keep you on the right track. By developing your SEO roadmap you can fine-tune your marketing efforts and turn those visitors into leads and sales.

Six Steps to Converting Visitors into Leads

  • Create personas and get to know your target market personally. Knowing who your website visitors are right now can help you fine-tune who you want them to be in the future. Here’s a handy guide to creating personas and how to implement them once you’ve found them.
  • Target those personas! Let’s get real, if you’re creating ads or CTAs without a target audience in mind you will probably be back to this blog in a month. When your personas are on point, your targeting will follow. That means when you know who you want to reach, it makes reaching them easier. Your ideal audience is one that will not only bring leads but also sales to your site.
  • Do you want a high quantity of leads or higher quality? Not all leads are good leads. Start on the right foot by weeding out less qualified leads. By requiring more information in your lead form you’ll find more serious, ready-to-go prospects.
  • CTAs that matter to your audience will give you long-term success. Filling your website with Calls to Action that are only there for filler won’t bring them back for a sale. When you provide real value, you will see real results. Giving your website visitors the gift of well thought out, and useful, CTAs means that they have a reason to return to your specific site. Not your competitors, yours!
  • Optimize Everything. Everything? Yes, everything! From your images to your headings, tags, and descriptions. If you thought Meta Descriptions were Facebooks new marketing tool don’t worry, the checklist gives you a step-by-step guide to navigating your SEO tools.
  • Always Be Refining. Because you now have a great website and have started your SEO journey, you are now ready to refine. In case no one told you, there will never come a day that you won’t need to make time to refine your website. Whether that is bringing in a copywriter to adjust your words, a designer to work on your branding, or someone to audit your social media, you’ll need to make sure that each part of your site works together to convert those leads.

Put That SEO to Work

Okay, so you’ve found your personas, developed an SEO roadmap to success, and now you’re ready to let the leads come rolling in. Keep your website designer on standby for those pesky fixes and get ready to show off your website! Once you’ve implemented these tools into your daily business routines you’ll find that managing everything is much easier, and hopefully you’ll be converting visitors into leads. That’s because SEO doesn’t just affect how your site functions for Google, it also helps you to develop long-lasting tools that keep you at the top of search engines as well as top of mind.


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