Custom Linktree; Using Your Website For Link Sharing on Instagram

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"Check the Link In My Bio"

We all know this phrase WAY too well, and it comes from the lack of links being posted within Instagram posts. Instagrammers leverage this single link in many ways, either by switching the link up according to what their post was about, or linking to a new blog, or what we all see often – a Linktree.

A “Linktree” is a way to leverage Instagram’s single bio link, and it serves as a link that houses a multitude of other links to funnel visitors into. We used Linktree for awhile, and being there were some elements we didn’t like, we decided to create our own custom  linktree on using our own WordPress website. We are sharing our step-by-step process on how to set up a custom Linktree within your website!

We use Elementor for our theme, however you can apply the same concept to other themes as well!


On their pro feature ($6/mo) Linktree offers the ability to see how many clicks each link is receiving. You can evaluate which links are more popular than others.

If you’ll be launching a new course soon you can pre-schedule when you want links to appear, or when you want them to be hidden after an offer expires.


Although traffic is going to your website in the end, you are still redirecting the traffic from Instagram, to LinkTree, then to your website. This POTENTIALLY could lose someone within that link. You want to send ALL your traffic to your website directly. When you are evaluating your analytics, and wanting to see your sources of traffic, using a third-party provider like Linktree will come up as an “other” field, instead of Instagram – which gives a semi-false reading for your marketing strategy.

Linktree does offer the ability to choose the colors of the appearance, however, it can’t truely match your branding – or how you want to start the experience with your clients.

Adding more information on a link helps your vistiors see all that you’re offering – and lead them to exactly where they want to go.

Want Free Elementor Templates To start?

Getting It To Work

Now that you have your framework built, let’s connect it to ensure you’re tracking link clicks.
One feature Linktree offers which will help you view your analytics and what people are clicking on is their Link Stats, you can replicate this by using a site like to create short links that track clicks. 

With you would take whatever page/post link you have; ie: and then create a new link within It will then generate a short link for you. Copy that shortlink, and past within the Link box for your buttons. it’s easy to track and see how many times a button has been clicked, and you can see where the traffic is coming from. (Facebook, Instagram, Email, Referall, SMS, etc)

Update & Save


The most important part is to save all your work, make it a habit of saving intermittently while your creating this page! You can save either by clicking the green Update button to save. Additionally, ensure your page is set to publish by clicking Edit Page in the upper right Admin Bar to go to the backend of your page. Ensure under the Publish panel it says published. If so, your LinkTree is now LIVE! 

Copy the Permalink to share your page in your IG bio, or anywhere you like! Make sure you TEST your permalink on both your computer and phone to ensure it is working correctly, and looks right before adding it to your Instagram profile bio.


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