What Is A DIY’ER Website

We constantly see people struggling with the first steps of a website, and easily give up and end up on a platform that isn’t sufficient for their needs. We know WordPress can be frustrating! Especially when from the beginning it seems hard…but it’s more just having someone/knowing someone that can point you in the direct path without all the fluff.

The DIY’er Package is for someone who doesn’t exactly have the budget to invest in a built from scratch website at this time, but wants to start with a good foundation to a website.

Our package helps clients by putting them on a host we trust, on a platform we always recommend, a theme that we KNOW is easy to edit, and with plugins that we know are beneficial. The only things left for the client to do is use their imagination and design!

With the theme that we are installing on all these packages, they include over 140+ premade templates that can be used & customized to your needs (if you choose to go that route).

If you’re feeling this is the path you’re wanting to take with your website schedule a consult with us, and we an discuss more in detail why this package would be beneficial for you and your business.

What It Includes

Step 1: Hosting & Domain


We set up your hosting FOR you. We use Bluehost for all hosting needs. We highly recommend, and use Bluehost for all of our current clients.
We will set up the account with your information as this packages includes only 1 year of hosting/domain service. You will need to maintain the subscription after the 1st year (we will send you a reminder).


With Bluehost a domain is included in the package. We are happy to transfer a domain that you might already have over so it’s all in one spot.
If in the case you don’t have a domain, we will set this up for you when we set up your Bluehost.


One reason we like using Bluehost for our clients is the email’s that are provided. With all of the plans 5 email accounts are able to be used with your custom domain.
We will forward the emails to an inbox that best works for you.
ie: info@yourdomain.com forwards to yourdomain@gmail.com  this makes for easy email management

If you already have hosting and domain you will receive $70 credit towards 1 page on the website filled with your provided content, or it can be applied to a basic branding strategy.

Step 2: WordPress & Theme

With Bluehost, WordPress is already installed, however there are some beginning steps that are needed to get started. We will go through and have the CMS ready for you to jump right in.


With this package we are including 1 year subscription to Divi. This is a theme that allows for easy design of pages, and front end (live) editing. After the 1st year, you’ll have the option to continue on an annual basis, or you can purchase a lifetime access. We can discuss these options more when your expiration time comes near.


We will install our top 5 most useful plugins that cover security, site speed, SEO, analytics (which we will walk you through), and more. These plugins will all be installed, activated and configured for your needs.

Step 3: Branding

We will install your logo & branding colors into the theme. This will allow it easy for you to pick the colors within designing the website.

With this package we do not include logo or branding development. You should already have this prior to us starting.

If you do not have a logo or branding, you can add this as an additional service. Please let us know if you’re interested.

Step 4: Pages

We will automatically create 4 blank pages, and 1 page for a blog (default preview). The basic pages will be:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • + One Page of Your Choice

After we hand the site over to you, you are more than welcome to add more pages. These are just the most general basic pages a website needs.

These pages are blank, however with Divi they offer many blank templates you can choose from, or you can create your own with the simple Visual Builder.

Step 5: Delivery

Once we have everything ready to go, we will give you a 60 minutes walk through on to navigate to your website, as well as how to edit.
Additionally videos will be uploaded into your dashboard if you need any help.
With WordPress & Divi there are hundreds of resources online (Youtube) to figure out how to do certain things.

What Do You Need Before We STart?

Branding & Logo

You’ll need this so it can be added into your website. If you don’t have this, we are happy to work with you on a package to include this within your website.


We won’t be helping you design this website, so it’s always best practices to already have your content ready. If you’re lost on what you actually need, be sure to see our Content Map for a worksheet through your pages to your website.

A Goal

You need to have a goal for your website.
What do you hope to achieve by having a website?
Book Clients?
Sell a Product?
Provide information to viewers?

Terms & Conditions

All Terms & Conditions will be presented in the Contract signed by the client.

Wild Spirit Development, LLC will not be providing customized design services to clients whom sign up for the DIY’ER Package. Wild Spirit Development will design home page as a template, and that template will be used, and shown how to be used throughout the whole site.

Wild Spirit Development, LLC is held responsible for setting up hosting via Bluehost, Installing Divi Theme, and 5 Plugins.

After 1 year of project being complete, the client must continue hosting package (managing their own subscription via Bluehost), and must also renew their subscription to the theme by letting Wild Spirit Development know prior to end of term.

Wild Spirit Development, LLC will not provide ongoing support, this can be purchased additionally if desired.

Add Ons


One of the main elements we need for this project is your branding and logo for your business. If you do not have this, we are happy to help you out and create this for you prior to starting your DIY website.


Content Package

If you’re not great with words, we offer content packages. These packages cover coming up with quality content for your website. Prices vary upon the amount of content needed to create.

SEO Package

When you are completed with your website, this package will include going through and optimizing your site with keywords that you decide on. This will help increase your website searchability.

Care Package

This package is to just keep the bare minimum up to date on your website. Updates must be completed to maintain security, and functionality of your website. We make these affordable for all business owners.

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