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Privacy Policies: Why Are They Necessary?

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A privacy policy is a legal document presented in almost any website. In them, you can find the rules and terms on how the owners of the webpage manage the information they gather from the users and customers. It is available for the public to read and decide if they want to accept the terms to continue on the webpage.

Why do companies use privacy policies? The legal side

Privacy policies allow the companies legal, safe proof about the way they gather the clients’ data and the use they give to that information. Every time a person enters a webpage, the privacy policy should be visible, and confirmation of acceptance should be required. Some webpages don’t allow the entrance to the page until the person accepts the privacy politics.

Once the customer has accepted the terms, the company can use the customers’ information for their database. That way, they can send information related to the webpage to those on the list.

Some of these policies appear as pop-ups and inform that the webpage uses cookies. Although some ask permission to put the cookies on your computer, others merely report that if the person continues to navigate on the page, it will be accepting the use of cookies.

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What can happen if you ignore that they’re required?

One of the most important strategies for every store or company is collecting data from the visitors and customers so they can become returning clients in the future. A privacy policy allows you to do it with a legal backup. Customers must accept that you are going to use their personal information to keep track of them and send them ads, discounts, and promotions through their e-mails and private messages.

Without privacy policies, customers can take legal actions against the company for using their information without permission. Some of this information is crucial, like credit card data and personal number or address. On the wrong hands, it’s information that can harm the customers. No one would give that information willingly without a privacy policy that confirms the information will be used safely.

When are privacy policies required?

Privacy policies must be required for all the webpages and companies that pretend to use the customers’ information in any way. It can be to create an e-mail list of returning customers or to facilitate the payments of a customer by keeping a copy of their data from the first time they purchased your store.

Every website that is collecting data from visitors and clients needs to have a privacy policy, such as contact forms, forums, social media platforms, and many more.

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If you have these on your website…you NEED a privacy policy.

  • Contact Forms
  • Email List Opt-Ins
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Online Sales
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Quizzes

How different legal constitutions affect collecting data?

Not every country deals with privacy policies in the same way. Even in the U.S., federal laws related to privacy policies depend on different circumstances. For example, California law requires that every business that collects any personal data from California residents must have a privacy policy.

In other countries, like Australia, it is required that the companies that operate in their states must present a privacy policy on their websites, and the reasons why they need to collect the data must be relevant for the business.

Where do I get a Privacy Policy?

Luckily enough, there are many generators out there online. Some are free and ask just for a donation for their platform, while other website do charge for this service – or if you really want to make sure your protected, hiring a privacy policy independent contractor is an available option.

Resources that we use often, and share with our clients are below:




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