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"Lauren of Wild Spirit Development didn’t just create a website; she crafted a home for the Actionella Coaching community. Her ability to transform my ideas using the turn Key experience, into a stunning and functional site blew me away. Every pixel reflects the care and expertise she brings to her work, making the site not just a tool, but a true extension of our mission. Working with Lauren felt like collaborating with a friend who is as passionate about my project as I am. If you’re looking to bring your digital vision to life, with someone who truly cares, can carve out a piece of real estate on the internet that you and your clients can call home, Lauren is your go-to expert. I’m beyond grateful for her dedication and incredible talent. I'll be working with her again soon on my next project!"
Kailey S.

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Kailey, a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in product-based business, harbored a strong desire to transition into a service-based model. Her vision was to empower fellow female entrepreneurs by offering actionable strategies for success through her venture, Actionella. Despite her passion and expertise, Kailey faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating various components into a cohesive platform that would streamline operations for herself and her members.

Limited budget constraints as a new startup posed a significant hurdle for Kailey as she embarked on her journey to establish Actionella. She needed to find a solution that would leverage automation to optimize her time and resources efficiently.

To address Kailey’s needs, we proposed a comprehensive solution that included a WSD Turnkey package for her website and the integration of automation tools like Stripe and Dubsado. This approach allowed Kailey to have a professionally managed website at a feasible monthly cost, removing the technical burden from her shoulders. Automation through Stripe facilitated seamless payment processing and member onboarding, while Dubsado streamlined scheduling and client management processes.

The WSD Turnkey package provided Kailey with a beautifully designed, branded website that effectively communicated her message and connected with her target audience. Additionally, the implementation of Dubsado workflows ensured smooth operations behind the scenes, enhancing the overall user experience for both Kailey and her members.

As a result of our collaboration, Kailey now enjoys a fully functional platform in Actionella that aligns with her vision and supports her mission to empower women in business. The integration of automation tools has significantly reduced administrative overhead, allowing Kailey to focus her time and energy on growing her business and engaging with her members. The addition of a “Vault” page provides exclusive resources to her members, further enhancing the value proposition of Actionella. Overall, our solution has enabled Kailey to realize her dream of creating a thriving community of empowered entrepreneurs while optimizing her operational efficiency.

WSD Turnkey Website Package

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Dubsado Workflow & Form Integration

We’ve seamlessly integrated Stripe into Actionella’s membership subscription process, providing members with a user-friendly experience. Upon subscription, they’re redirected to a form to provide necessary details, seamlessly integrating with Actionella’s CRM. Dubsado. Following this, members receive a comprehensive welcome packet guiding them on how to engage with the league within a Facebook Group.

The workflow extends beyond onboarding, offering personalized 1:1 action coaching calls for members. Whether it’s a standard or paid session, once booked, members are guided through a structured process. They receive pre-call forms and reminders, ensuring they’re prepared for their session. Post-call, a short nurture sequence provides further support.

Behind the scenes, a dynamic Action Meeting Call form is generated for Kailey, the owner of Actionella, facilitating efficient notetaking during coaching sessions. This comprehensive workflow streamlines the entire process, enhancing member engagement and satisfaction.

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