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"Lauren has captured our exact vision for our brand and we couldn't be happier with the design! Her patience, perseverance, and professionalism through our difficult website launch was incredible and I am excited to grow our brand with her by our side! Thank you, Lauren!"
Brooke S.

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Bee-Och Organics is a thriving online retailer specializing in organic and sustainable beauty products. The client had initially built their website on Shopify, but as their business expanded, they encountered limitations in customization and functionality. The desire to enhance client engagement, introduce a loyalty program, cater to wholesale customers, and implement subscription features prompted the decision for a comprehensive website redesign.

The limitations within the Shopify ecosystem became apparent as the client aimed to incorporate various elements such as a robust loyalty program, wholesale functionality, subscription pricing, custom tipping at checkout, free product incentives based on spending thresholds, bundled product options, and more. The existing Shopify platform lacked the flexibility needed to seamlessly integrate these features, prompting the search for a more customizable solution.

To address these challenges, the decision was made to migrate the website to WordPress, providing a more flexible and customizable platform. The development team created a custom website tailored to Bee-Och Organics’ specific needs, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for both customers and administrators.

  1. Wholesale Platform: A dedicated wholesale platform was integrated, allowing Bee-Och Organics to efficiently manage B2B relationships, streamline ordering processes, and provide a specialized experience for wholesale customers.

  2. Subscription Pricing: The new website incorporates subscription pricing options, enabling customers to subscribe to their favorite products with customizable frequency and delivery preferences.

  3. Custom Tipping at Checkout: The implementation of custom tipping at checkout allows customers to express gratitude by leaving tips, enhancing the overall user experience.

  4. Loyalty Program: A comprehensive loyalty program was introduced to incentivize and reward customer loyalty, fostering a stronger connection between Bee-Och Organics and its clientele.

  5. Free Products After Spending Thresholds: Customers can now enjoy complimentary products based on their spending, adding an extra layer of value and appreciation for their support.

  6. Bundled Products: The website now supports bundled product options, encouraging customers to explore curated sets and potentially increasing average order values.

The Bee-Och Organics website redesign has been a labor of love for the development team, culminating in a highly customized and feature-rich platform. The relaunch is expected to elevate the overall customer experience, foster brand loyalty, and position Bee-Och Organics for continued success in the competitive organic beauty market. The team is excited to witness the impact of these enhancements and looks forward to the positive response from both new and existing customers.

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