Wedding Dreams Delivered has created A New Way to Wedding. After working heavily in the wedding industry, the Wedding Dreams Delivered founder realized brides were often exhausted, in tears, overwhelmed and ultimately disappointed with the results of their planning efforts on their big day. With years of industry experience, their family created Wedding Dreams Delivered to make the dream wedding easily accessible to the next generation bride wanting a unique wedding experience delivered to their front door.

After searching extensively for the right partner to take on the rigors of this new website envisioned by the founder, the company chose Wild Spirit Development. Commissioned to design, develop and bring to life the vivid online presence that could fulfill the vision designed to fill the void in the online wedding business space.

We eagerly partnered with Wedding Dreams Delivered to design and develop a website that had larger than life plans far beyond creating a simple wedding dress boutique online. Instead we used a content management platform that would allow for growth, starting this project as an e-commerce store allowing Wedding Dreams Delivered to easily scale in the future with a bridal portal, and a membership subscription box in the future. This website has taken its first steps towards growth.
Launched November 2019.



E-commerce shop to sell made to order wedding dresses in a variety of sizes and colors.


Integrate system with a CMS that can be expanded for further services.


Build an easy to update system so that the client can easily add new products with wide variety of attributes.


Build an internal system that allows for brides to input information about their wedding, save photos & more.

Our Contributions



Branding Development

Product Roadmapping

Responsive Web Development

E-Commerce Application

Analytics & Optimization

Quality Assurance


*Client designed packages using branding. We do not take credit for the packaging design