"I have a turnkey website from WSD and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Lauren is incredibly talented, very approachable and always does a great job. She is open to feedback and changes, quick to help in any way and really knows how to take your wants and needs and elevate it to the best site you could hope for."
Lisamarie M.
Macadamia Dog Training
"I had and continue to have a great experience with Wild Spirit Development. I had my website designed by another company that just didn't get my vision or where I wanted to take my business. What's worse, the SEO on the back end was terrible. I was constantly fending off inquiries for services I don't provide. But Lauren was/is great. She listens to my needs, vision, and the big dreams I have for my business and provides insight and thoughts about how I can realistically achieve said dreams. My website is beautiful and my business is growing. She is responsive, helpful, and KIND (this is a big one for me). I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to create a website that truly reflects their passion and work while also reflecting their own personal style and vibe."
Kara C.
Ignite Couples & Sex Therapy
"Wild Spirit Development has been absolutely the best! Lauren has so many services and options within those services to truly help any company or startup thrive. Lauren is an expert in website development, and seems to be able to adapt flawlessly to any website development needed! We have gotten the WSD turnkey service and it was simple and easy; Lauren is fast to respond and gets everything completed very quickly. She is also great at helping and explaining everything you need for a site. If you want excellent service and an excellent platform at a reasonable price, Wild Spirit Development is the best choice."
Gabe G.
Denver Construction Management
"Lauren of Wild Spirit Development didn’t just create a website; she crafted a home for the Actionella Coaching community. Her ability to transform my ideas using the turn Key experience, into a stunning and functional site blew me away. Every pixel reflects the care and expertise she brings to her work, making the site not just a tool, but a true extension of our mission. Working with Lauren felt like collaborating with a friend who is as passionate about my project as I am. If you’re looking to bring your digital vision to life, with someone who truly cares, can carve out a piece of real estate on the internet that you and your clients can call home, Lauren is your go-to expert. I’m beyond grateful for her dedication and incredible talent. I'll be working with her again soon on my next project!"
Kailey S.
Actionella Co.
"I've worked with a lot developers over the years and can honestly say I've never been happier. I highly recommend Lauren. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. You really want someone who knows what they're doing and she obviously does. After the initial (major) project I saw an immediate increase in sales, happier customers and the things she put in place has resulted in a LOT less work for me. This has been the best return on my money since I started my online business 12 years ago. I'm really happy and confident with her ongoing monthly maintenance too. So much peace of mind. Well worth it. Thank you Lauren."
Valerie Q.
My Scrap Chick
"Lauren has captured our exact vision for our brand and we couldn't be happier with the design! Her patience, perseverance, and professionalism through our difficult website launch was incredible and I am excited to grow our brand with her by our side! Thank you, Lauren!"
Brooke S.
Bee-Och Organics
"This was my second project with Lauren, and my first where I was completely on my own with a website design overhaul. Lauren was an incredible partner that worked with my timeline, was available for questions and tweaks, and made the experience laid back and easy. Our site just launched and I'm not only thrilled with the design itself, but how user-friendly, modern, and adaptable the site is. Not to mention I'm pretty sure she's your best bang for your buck. Thanks, Lauren!"
Courtney N.
I am absolutely thrilled to write this review about my incredible web designer, Lauren. Over the past year, she has not only crafted a beautiful website for me but has also been a patient and knowledgeable guide through the complex world of website development..
Lauren's dedication and expertise shine through in every aspect of her work. She patiently explained concepts, answered my questions, and ensured I understood the process at every step. Her ability to simplify the intricacies of website development is truly remarkable..
What sets Lauren apart is her unwavering commitment to perfection. She meticulously fine-tuned every detail of my website, resulting in a stunning online presence that exceeded my expectations. Her creativity and innovative ideas transformed my vision into a reality.
Throughout our collaboration, Lauren was consistently professional, responsive, and reliable. She met deadlines with ease and was always receptive to my feedback and ideas. Her passion for her craft is evident in the exceptional website she has created for me.
I am incredibly fortunate to have met Lauren, and I can confidently say thank you, Lauren, for your dedication and for making my website look AMAZING!
Jasmine M.
Jasmine Esthetics
“A website developer’s job is basically to create miracles; to take a client’s design and formulate it into a well laid-out design that is visually appealing and is free of technical errors. Having been in this world for quite some time I can truly say that Lauren is gifted at what she does. She has the ability to take exactly what a client is asking for and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. She is incredibly professional and honestly, an all-around good person. She’s a joy to work with and I wouldn’t rather have anyone else working on my website. Thank you so much, Lauren. You are amazing!”
Lexus W.
Let's Get Social Today
"Lauren is very professional and created a seamless website for me. It was exactly what I was looking for and she did it in the timeframe she promised. I highly recommend her services and courses, she explains things so you understand everything clearly. I will be using her services in the future again."
Khedeja W.
Sweet Dreams Sleep Consulting
Wild Spirit Development worked with me to create a highly professional and beautifully designed website. Now the site tells a story both in words and visually. Highly recommend their work!
Pam F.
AOU Creative
Working with Lauren was a great experience! She is professional, responsive and attentive. I loved my site when it was all complete. I highly recommend Wild Spirit Development!
Adrianna Z.
Kordial Media
Lauren is absolutely amazing! I shared with her an idea I had of the look and feel I wanted my viewers to experience when they were visiting my page. Lauren took my idea and turned it into reality and then some! She also was very patient and effective. I share this because I’m a HR manager by day, content strategist by night, a wife and mom. She was able to get things up and running all through 1 zoom call, a google drive folder and iMessage when we needed.
Lisa R.
Lisa Rigoli
"Lauren was very helpful & did an amazing job at getting my e-commerce store up on my site! Not only did she do a great job, but she was very professional & quick to work/respond. Over all extremely thrilled with the work & highly recommend!"
Sarah H.
Disney Mom Boss
Lauren was a godsend! She helped me unbury from a disastrous situation with another designer and create something so incredibly beautiful. I am in love with the e-comm site she designed for my business and would definitely hire her again. Her pricing is reasonable. She's a delight to work with and I would recommend her to anyone. You can't go wrong with Lauren for your website development needs.
Jennifer W.
Grandma Griffin's Kitchen
Working with Lauren has proven results. Lauren is passionate about the customer journey and delivers with high quality web design and development that coverts.
Leanne F.
Leanne & Co.
"As someone who was brand new to running a web design business and who took on a client with some BIG needs, I knew I was over my head and needed help. After finding Lauren, I felt instantly better! Knowing I could ping an actual expert who could guide me through tough situations, it gave me the confidence I needed to work through the project without being stressed! She is so incredibly knowledgable and friendly. She gave me advice about tools and processes that I didn't even know I needed! Her guidance has shaped the way I run my business and if I need assistance with future projects I'll definitely be hiring her again!"
Lauren N.
Design Mentorship Program
Lauren and her team were so gracious and willing to accommodate changes to things like colours and logos mid-build. Lauren is patient, super talented, and really set up a site that wowed everyone. I highly recommend her for a functional website that impresses!
Sarah K.
Linchpin Virtual
Lauren has been AMAZING with all my website and logo needs! She helped me switch from Wix to WordPress and I am so in love with my site now. She truly listens to what your needs are and points you in the right direction. She brought my logo back from the dead and created my husbands logo too! I couldn’t recommend her enough!
Shelby M.
Therabliss Wellness
Lauren really knows her stuff! I work in a similar market to Lauren and after just a short talk she has given me so much useful information to grow our business and provide better product. If you need someone to help with your website in the Denver area she is your woman!
Chris S.
Wabash Marketing
Lauren was awesome. She quickly helped me to fix a problem left by my last web designer that was impossible for me to figure out. She was kind and helpful, fixed a few extra things on my site, and told me of some bigger problems and how to address them. It is such a relief to have these tasks off my list of things to do so that I can focus my attention on my own business!
Anna F.
Lauren at Wild Spirit Development has been an extraordinary partner and collaborator as I worked diligently to launch my new website. She not only understood the nuances of my medical professional work, she was passionate about helping me spread the word in a much bigger way then I thought possible.

As I learned from working in the media, you need to have significant bells and whistles to get your audience's attention even if you have a fabulous message. Lauren gave me the bells and whistles while respecting my professional approach. In fact she often reminded me to stay focused on my core mission and she would help guide me through the rest.

I have working with phenomenal people in my many years as a health care professional, author and journalist and can truly say that Lauren is simply the best!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly, thank you. Dr. Marie Savard
Marie S.
Ya know that moment when you finally found what you have been looking for?

That’s exactly how I felt when I first met Lauren of Wild Spirit Development. I had spent the last 10 months working with people that called themselves experts only to be left with a crappy website that I was embarrassed to showcase… Not exactly every entrepreneurs dream.

I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever been so excited to share a testimonial about someone I have worked with as I am to share my experience working with Lauren.

I have now worked with Lauren on 3 websites and on every occasion she has continued to impress me and go above and beyond the expectation.

When you work with an expert like Lauren you quickly understand the value and experience that she brings to the table in every element of her work.

I can say with great confidence that I have never worked with a web developer/designer as professional, talented, timely, flexible, humble and easy to work with as Lauren. Lauren is the go-to expert when it comes to bringing your vision to life on your website.


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