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What To Expect for Our Call

As this is more of a discovery call, we want to see what you’re looking for aligns with the services that we provide. We want to ensure your project is successful when we launch it!

We know how life can be busy, but for us to make the most of this call it helps being focused during this time. Things come up kids need a snack, dogs need to go outside; and that’s fine – we just ask that you dedicate this time as a meeting for both of us to make the most of the call.

Websites are complicated – business is complicated. So any and all questions have them ready!

We’ve had clients Google the “questions to ask a web designer” but, what we found is most the time – these clients had NO idea what the answers to these questions ment, so ask questions – ask for clarification. We’ve always said we’re good at what we do, and you’re good at what you do – we don’t expect you to know everything about a website… that’s our job!

Below we’ve added in where you can get a copy of our Website Project Planner. This planner may help organize some ideas you may have, or clarify a few things before our call. 

This planner is GREAT to use to at least get what’s in your mind on paper about what you want out of your website.

Send us an email just saying you can’t make it – we know things come up. The more notice the better.

We do give a 15 min grace period after our scheduled time that you can give us a call back, however after that point if you’re unable to make it you’ll need to reschedule.

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Our Process

In our development process, we carefully analyze your business goals and needs, design a customized website, handle the development, conduct thorough testing, launch your site, provide ongoing maintenance and support, and continually optimize for success. This structured approach ensures a smooth journey from concept to a thriving online presence.

phase 01.


We kickstart our journey by thoroughly understanding your goals and vision. This helps us ensure that every step ahead aligns smoothly with your aspirations. Our planning phase sets the stage for an efficient and purpose-driven development process.
phase 02.


We let our creativity shine as we design eye-catching visuals and prototypes that bring your ideas to life. Our user-focused approach ensures that every detail serves a purpose, creating an engaging digital experience that captures your audience's attention.
Phase 03.


At the core of our process lies the development phase, where all our planning and prototyping come together to shape a fully functional website. Our goal is to create a successful, future-proof website. We meticulously refine and test to ensure a flawless end product that exceeds expectations.
Phase 04.


Our commitment goes beyond just getting your project off the ground. We're here for the long haul, ensuring your online venture not only starts successfully but also maintains its momentum. With our continuous support, your digital journey is set to achieve new milestones and thrive in the online landscape.

From Our Clients

We love what we do and get excited about helping clients push their businesses to the next level. This is what client's have said about working with us!
I had and continue to have a great experience with Wild Spirit Development. I had my website designed by another company that just didn't get my vision or where I wanted to take my business. What's worse, the SEO on the back end was terrible. I was constantly fending off inquiries for services I don't provide. But Lauren was/is great. She listens to my needs, vision, and the big dreams I have for my business and provides insight and thoughts about how I can realistically achieve said dreams. My website is beautiful and my business is growing. She is responsive, helpful, and KIND (this is a big one for me). I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to create a website that truly reflects their passion and work while also reflecting their own personal style and vibe.
Kara Carver
Kara Carver
Wild Spirit Development has been absolutely the best! Lauren has so many services and options within those services to truly help any company or startup thrive. Lauren is an expert in website development, and seems to be able to adapt flawlessly to any website development needed! We have gotten the WSD turnkey service and it was simple and easy; Lauren is fast to respond and gets everything completed very quickly. She is also great at helping and explaining everything you need for a site. If you want excellent service and an excellent platform at a reasonable price, Wild Spirit Development is the best choice.
Gabriel Gallegos
Gabriel Gallegos
Lauren of Wild Spirit Development didn’t just create a website; she crafted a home for the Actionella Coaching community. Her ability to transform my ideas using the turn Key experience, into a stunning and functional site blew me away. Every pixel reflects the care and expertise she brings to her work, making the site not just a tool, but a true extension of our mission. Working with Lauren felt like collaborating with a friend who is as passionate about my project as I am. If you’re looking to bring your digital vision to life, with someone who truly cares, can carve out a piece of real estate on the internet that you and your clients can call home, Lauren is your go-to expert. I’m beyond grateful for her dedication and incredible talent. I'll be working with her again soon on my next project!
Kailey Santos
Kailey Santos
Lauren has captured our exact vision for our brand and we couldn't be happier with the design! Her patience, perseverance, and professionalism through our difficult website launch was incredible and I am excited to grow our brand with her by our side! Thank you, Lauren!
Brooke Sarmiento
Brooke Sarmiento
I have a turnkey website from WSD and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Lauren is incredibly talented, very approachable and always does a great job. She is open to feedback and changes, quick to help in any way and really knows how to take your wants and needs and elevate it to the best site you could hope for.
Lisamarie MacAdam
Lisamarie MacAdam
We launched two very different companies in the summer of 2023 and chose Wild Spirit Development through a compeititve process. The Turnkey solution offered by Wild Spirit Development and Lauren were the perfect solution for our B2B professional services company and our B2C Luxury Goods company. We appreciated the collaborative creative & content process, urgency, integration with a branding partner and the customized touches that made our websites stand out. We continually receive glowing remarks on our websites as critical and key part of our brands. Responsive, creative and in it for your success, we found Lauren to be a true partner in building our businesses. Jennie & Ken Champagne Champagne Leather & Wood | Accelerō
Jennie Champagne
Jennie Champagne
Lauren was extremely helpful in identifying a key issue I was running into on my website. I’m grateful for her quick, knowledgeable reply, her willingness to help, and her professionalism. I’d recommend her to anyone for this purpose. Thanks, Lauren!
Laura Martin
Laura Martin
Lauren was a godsend! She helped me unbury from a disastrous situation with another designer and create something so incredibly beautiful. I am in love with the e-comm site she designed for my business and would definitely hire her again. her pricing is reasonable. she's a delight to work with and I would recommend her to anyone. You can't go wrong with Lauren for your website development needs.
Jennifer Ward
Jennifer Ward
Lauren is very professional and created a seamless website for me. It was exactly what I was looking for and she did it in the timeframe she promised. I highly recommend her services and courses, she explains things so you understand everything clearly. I will be using her services in the future again.
Khudeja Williams
Khudeja Williams
Lauren is amazing; attentive, and knowledgeable of her craft! Great web designer, and priced well!
Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson
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