Your Call Is Booked!

We’re just confirming that your call to speak with us about your project is booked! We look forward to discuss more with you!

What To Expect for Our Call

As this is more of a discovery call, we want to see what you’re looking for aligns with the services that we provide. We want to ensure your project is successful when we launch it!

We know how life can be busy, but for us to make the most of this call it helps being focused during this time. Things come up kids need a snack, dogs need to go outside; and that’s fine – we just ask that you dedicate this time as a meeting for both of us to make the most of the call.

Websites are complicated – business is complicated. So any and all questions have them ready!

We’ve had clients Google the “questions to ask a web designer” but, what we found is most the time – these clients had NO idea what the answers to these questions ment, so ask questions – ask for clarification. We’ve always said we’re good at what we do, and you’re good at what you do – we don’t expect you to know everything about a website… that’s our job!

Below we’ve added in where you can get a copy of our Website Project Planner. This planner may help organize some ideas you may have, or clarify a few things before our call. 

This planner is GREAT to use to at least get what’s in your mind on paper about what you want out of your website.

Send us an email just saying you can’t make it – we know things come up. The more notice the better.

We do give a 15 min grace period after our scheduled time that you can give us a call back, however after that point if you’re unable to make it you’ll need to reschedule.

Get Organized Before Starting Your Website Project

Get your FREE copy of our Website Project Planner to start planning out your dream website so that you’re prepared when you’re ready to start!

What's Next

During our discovery call we’ll go over what’s to come next – but as a heads up, if we feel we are a good fit to work on your project, here’s what’s coming up!


  • Step 03.

After we have discussed the best plan for your needs, we will send you a proposal that lays out what we have discussed, and the price we have quoted you. If you agree upon the proposal, you’ll accept this, send it back and we can proceed.

Step 03.
Step 04.

Contract & Terms

  • Step 04.

After the proposal is accepted we will send you all the necessary paperwork needed to move forward. This consists of our contract, our terms, invoice, and we offer a Client Portal for all of our clients. This portal will be where all your documents, invoices, and files can be viewed and managed.

Design & Development

  • Step 05.

The fun begins. A COMING SOON page will be set as your home page including an opt-in form that allows your audience to sign up and be notified when the site is live. Your site is created with care and precision utilizing the information we have collected from conversations and the client portfolio you provided prior to starting work.

Step 05.
Step 06.

Review & Revision

  • Step 06.

During the design process, especially in the preliminary design phase, we like to work with you, rather than for you. We will remain in contact during this time to explore the design together. The design package you choose includes a set number of major revisions to the site itself. We will discuss each revision in detail before making changes.


  • Step 07.

After our 3 rounds of revisions, we will then go through the site once more as it's on a staging branch. Testing to see if the website functions as you want, looks as you want, and then is responsive on mobile and desktop devices. Once all approved, we will do final optimization to ensure that the performance of the website is preforming as it should for best user experience.

Step 07.
Step 08.


  • Step 08.

Once final payment has been received, will move your newly developed website off of our hosting to your hosting platform (unless we are hosting the website for you). We will test the site one more time to ensure that it is all working as it should. Once that's approved - time to share it with the world!

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Get Organized Before Starting Your Website Project

Get your FREE copy of our Website Project Planner to start planning out your dream website so that you’re prepared when you’re ready to start!

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