Website Not Working?

From fixing a down website, to updating a few pages – we are here to help you get your website up & going again!

When your website goes down – that is lost time, and time equals income.

We know, a website is a major tool to your marketing strategy for your business – and when something doesn’t work correctly, or your website is down…that is lost time.

How many people visited your website during this time? Did they research you further – or did they move on?

Don’t let your down website drive your potential client’s away, let’s locate your problem and figure out exactly WHAT is happening, and how to fix it.


How Do We Help?

WordPress can be an overwhelming platform – and sometimes one little thing that happens can cause a HUGE cascade of bad things to happen. We help by evaluating what the issue may be, how can we fix it for you, and then addressing any other issues that might be needed to ensure your website it maintained at full functionality. We evaluate your website before we start, as we want to discuss how we can fix this and give a realistic estimate on what you’ll need done & how much.

Is there anything you can do prior?

Of course! There are some basic things you can do to try to figure out what’s wrong with your website, and potentially fix it on your own. The more information we have on what is wrong the better! Go through and make a list on what is wrong…
– Website Not Showing Up
– Errors coming up
– Not loading fast?


If you want us to just get started on your website, and get it fixed here is out process on how we go through and get your website up and going again.


We go through your entire site (if it is still live) and locate areas that are an issue. We make a list as to what we have found and present it to you, and an estimate on how long it will take to get your website back into working order.


After we have discussed what issues we found, and our timeline we will log in to your website and start fixing issues of concern. We will be in contact with you during this process to ensure the final result is what you’re wanting.


Once we have fixed any and all issues, we will go through and test your entire website. Making sure links work, all images are showing up, etc.

We ask that you too go through your website and make sure it all looks correct as it should.

What can we help with...


My Website won't show up!


I've Been Hacked!


I need my site to work on mobile.


My website is slow!


I need some updates

& much more!

How much?




Let's chat first, then Let's fix your website!

Satisfied Business Owners

Nas E.

Owner, Little Star Consulting

“Lauren is AMAZING. I had another website designer create my site and it was a MESS. She created a landing page for me so quickly and helped clean up some of the mess the other person made. I plan on referring her to ALL my clients!”

Ali K.

Business Owner

Lauren was very prompt and professional when I needed some help with the back end of a website for one of my clients. She quickly put together a contract for me and jumped on my project once it was signed. I appreciate her open communication and her willingness to help. I definitely recommend Lauren!

Nonarae A.

Owner, From Poor to Prosperity

“Lauren is an absolute GODSEND! Last night I reached out to her around 11pm my time (10pm her time), and not only did she respond almost immediately but she also dropped what she was doing and spent the next 2 1/2 hours fixing my website so that it was more user friendly for me on the backside and for my potential future clients on the front side. in this time together, she was able to help me get more accomplished and show me how to maneuver bluehost and wordpress, than i did in the countless hours ive spent this last month trying to figure it out on my own.”

Anna A.

Owner, Prickly Mermaid

“Lauren was awesome. She quickly helped me to fix a problem left by my last web designer that was impossible for me to figure out. She was kind and helpful, fixed a few extra things on my site, and told me of some bigger problems and how to address them. It is such a relief to have these tasks off my list of things to do so that I can focus my attention on my own business!”

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