Fast-Track Your Website Launch with Our VIP DESIGN DAY

Accelerate your website’s launch with our VIP Design Days. In a single session, we efficiently tackle your web and design needs, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

VIP Design Days offer a personalized, one-on-one intensive session where we tackle your website and design to-do list efficiently and effectively. This allows you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your business for growth, as we swiftly handle all your web development and design needs.

So, what can we accomplish

What Can Be done In a Day?

During our VIP Design Days, we prioritize your specific needs by working in the order of your priority list. This list is established in a pre-meeting before the VIP Design Day, ensuring we have a strategic plan in place for a successful launch.

Have a larger project? Need more than any of the above?
If you have a larger project, or looking for a more custom in-depth project, schedule a FREE CONSULT CALL to chat about your needs and what a realistic timeframe will be.

What's On Your To Do List

You're Wanting

Is This Service Right for Your Business?

Our VIP Design Days are ideal for a wide range of small businesses and professionals seeking a quick, effective online launch.

From professional service providers, local retailers, and creatives, to wellness practitioners, educators, non-profits, freelancers, tech startups, and event planners – this service offers a fast track to a professional web presence, tailored to the unique needs of each industry.

Don’t let the digital world pass you by; seize the opportunity to make your mark online with efficiency and style.

Ready to launch your website with speed and precision?

VIP Design Day wild spirit development
  • Full 8 hours of dedicated time for you & your project.
  • Deep Dive Strategy Questionnaire
  • 60 Minute Intensive Workshop
  • Copy outline where we lay out the strategy to your website/funnel
  • 30 Days of post-launch support via slack.
  • Access to training hub.
Don’t need a full 8 hours, or are you a returning client? Half-Days are available for smaller projects and design task lists. Get in touch with us to reserve your half day.

What's the Investment?

Two Payments of 

  • Full Website Audit of your current sales page or website
  • Strategy Questionnaire
  • Pre-VIP Design Day Strategy Call (45 min)
  • Kick-off Strategy call (45 min)
  • An Entire Day dedicated to your web & design needs (7-8 hrs)
  • Final Revisions/Touchups (1 hour, the day after)
  • 30 Days of post-launch support via slack.

NOTE: Your project cost will be paid in 2 installments.

Don’t need a full 8 hours, or are you a returning client? Half-Days are available for smaller projects and design task lists. Get in touch with us to reserve your half day.

What's the Process

How Does it Work?


Fill out a short application to make sure we are a good fit for what your goals are, within the timeline you're wanting.


If we are a good match, we will set up a schedule for you and guide you through our VIP Prep Workshop to make sure we are prepared for you on your VIP day.


Today is a special day just for you! We will work together all day, focusing completely on you and your goals for this project. We're ready to make great progress on your VIP Day!
Something to Keep in Mind

When you book your day you’re booking our time, not a specific set of deliverables. 

Also your scheduled day is dedicated to your project (no calls, phone notifications, or other distractions allowed).
All our focus is guaranteed to be on YOU!

Every VIP Design day is unique and your day will be tailored to your specific needs and goals in order to achieve the best results possible.

Apply Now

Is the VIP Design Day package right for me?

Not every web project is suitable for a VIP Design Day web build. Here are some guidelines that will help you figure out whether this package is – or isn’t – right for you and your business.

This IS for you if:

This IS not for you if:

If this isn’t right for you we can talk to you about other options we have. 
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Ready to Book Your Day?

Reserve your date now to lock in savings before prices increase!

Toggle between Full Day (8 hours) or Half Day (4 hours) to book your Day!

Returning client? Half-Days are available for smaller projects and design task lists. Get in touch with us to reserve your half day.

Have Some Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is VIP Web Design Day?

VIP Web Design Day is an exclusive event where we dedicate eight hours to help you launch your website. It’s a focused, intensive session aimed at getting your website up and running effectively and efficiently.


Who is VIP Web Design Day for?

This event is ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, or individuals who want to establish or revamp their online presence quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect if you’re looking for expert guidance to launch your site in just one day.


Are copywriting services included for the website/funnel?

No, we specialize in creative development like design and branding, not copywriting. While we can help with copy outlines and messaging guidance, we recommend hiring a professional copywriter for the final website or funnel content. They can optimize the language, tone, and structure to achieve your goals. If you need a copywriter, we can provide recommendations or collaborate to match your creative vision.


Do I need to be available during the day?

This collaborative process is most effective when I get timely feedback during the design phase. It’s important to select a date when you’re not already swamped with meetings and appointments.


How should I prepare for VIP Web Design Day?

To get the most out of the day, we recommend preparing content (like text and images) and any specific ideas or requirements you have for your website. Also, think about the overall look and feel you desire.


What if I need more complex features or integrations?

VIP Web Design Day focuses on launching your website with essential features. If you require more complex functionalities or integrations; ie: eCommerce, membership, courses, etc., we can discuss additional services or schedule follow-up sessions.


What If I need more than a day?

Sure, we can discuss and agree on a reasonable timeframe for your projects. We can work on them over multiple VIP days or even split them into half-day sessions if needed.

Ready to Book Your Day?

(Limited spots available – booking 2 to 6 weeks out)
Not sure if this is right for you?
Book a consult and we can see if this is the best option.

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