When Should You Redesign Your Website?

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As your business grows, it’s important to re-evaluate how your company is presenting itself online. You may find that the design of your website has become dated and doesn’t reflect who you are as a company anymore. Not only that, over time even the best website will look old.

But when do you know if it’s time for a website redesign? There’s a few common reasons that websites need a “facelift” that you’ll want to consider as you make this decision.

1. Your Homepage Is Cluttered Or Outdated

A high converting and valuable homepage is one that makes it easy for visitors to know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Even if you only update your homepage and no other page on your site, you can see great gains on your conversions.

Homepages should have a clear, clean introduction of your services and products. Also, the main navigation needs to be easy to follow. The main navigation is the menu at the top of your website that takes people to other pages on your site. Not only is this good for the sake of your user, but it helps with your SEO as well. Make sure to label your menu with language that someone would understand.

An effective menu will include:

  • Services – include a drop down menu that has all of the different services you offer. This will make it easier for your potential customers to find what they are looking for.
  • About – people want to do business with people they know and trust. An about page is vital to closing sales in most industries.
  • Contact – adding a colored button around your contact page to make it stand out.

If your current homepage doesn’t clearly explain who you are, what you do, and have a clear navigation for visitors to find information on your site, then it’s time to consider a re-design.

2. The Site Isn’t Mobile Responsive

Most websites are built to be mobile responsive these days since it’s a high ranking factor for Google. To see if your site passes the mobile responsive test, you can use Google’s mobile friendly test here. If your existing site doesn’t pass this test, you can have a developer make it mobile responsive, meaning, it looks different on a phone and easier to navigate.

However, not all websites can be re-designed to look good on mobile. In this case, it’s better to fully re-design the whole site so that the desktop version isn’t so different from the mobile version that it doesn’t look like the same site.

3. Your Main Keywords Don’t Appear In The Content

If your website doesn’t include your primary keywords, updating the content on the site is a must. Otherwise, Google won’t bring your site up in search results for the type of searches you are looking for.

To see what keywords are predominant on your website, you can plug it into this tool here. If your keyword cloud doesn’t show the keywords that are relevant to your industry, then you can change this by adding additional blocks of content to your existing pages.

Just throwing content on the page without thinking about the design is not helpful. It’s important that your content is displayed in a way that is easy for a reader to skim and find the information they are looking for.

4. Users Don’t Know What To Do Next

When someone comes to your website, do they know what you want them to do? Do they know what you need them to do? To test this out, send someone to your site that’s never been before and ask them to give you feedback. This is actually something we do as part of our VIP design days. We evaluate our client’s website to determine what design updates need to be made to make it easier for their users to convert into sales.

In order to keep your users from becoming confused and clicking away, your website should:

  • Have an easy-to-understand menu. Are your dropdowns so long it’s hard for a user to find what they are looking for? Do you have too many menu items going across the top of your site that the menu is two lines? A clear menu is essential to conversions.
  • Clear call to action of what you want them to do next. Sign up for your newsletter? Book a call? Use your contact form? If you don’t make this super clear, they will click away and not take the next step.
  • Accurate information about your process and services. If you’ve had a lot of changes in the way you do things, your content may be out of date.

If any of these things describe your website, then it might be time to consider a website redesign.

5. You Are A Very Different Company Than Before

Maybe you’ve had a lot of success with your brand, but you’re a different company now. In that case, your website should reflect the changes you’ve made in your company culture. A website redesign is a great way to show your loyal customers that you’re still alive, but showing your new direction, values, services, etc. Also, it’s important that new customers that are being introduced to your brand understand who you are today right off the bat.

6. The Organic Traffic On Your Website Is Minimal

Never had much luck getting organic traffic to the site? Then this is the perfect time to do a major overhaul on the site. Updating the look, the content, the SEO and the navigation can help Google understand what your company does. With the competitive landscape online, you have to do what’s necessary to keep up with others in your industry. Website redesigns shouldn’t JUST be visuals, but also include optimizing your website better for SEO, accessibility, and user experience.

Ready for a Website Redesign?

If you are ready for a website redesign and looking for a designer that gets your vision and is able to create a website that showcases your business, our VIP design days are right for you. Book a consultation with us and we’ll go over the details of this day and how you can get a website that you can be proud of.


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