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For your business to develop and grow, a functional website is invaluable. Technical hiccups can keep your website from running smoothly, however – this can impact the success of value partnerships as well as potentially put customers off.  One tiny technical glitch could cost your business more than you’d think. Unreliable websites can result in missed opportunities, driving away potential customers without even knowing it and counting the clicks that never happened–scary stuff! 

Don’t let any misstep occur which would fragment customer relationships; we are here to support you each step on the way! We will quickly pinpoint any issues with our comprehensive website support services, so you never experience an interruption to those important customer relationships. 

What We Can Do

How Do We Help?

Working with WordPress can be an eye-opening experience for website owners. We know how challenging it can be to maintain different elements of website without breaking it down, or worse - in front of everyone.

That is why we are here to offer website support and troubleshooting. Our team has extensive experience working directly on WordPress sites or remotely using FTPS/SFTP protocols, meaning your website will be receiving the most effective service possible. 

We'll evaluate what the issue is and work quickly and efficiently to fix any underlying problems, so you won't have to worry about anything else afterwards. All this means your website can be back up and running as soon as possible with full functionality!
Website Support for Small Business Owners
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What we can help with

Our Process

What Can You Do Beforehand?

There are some basic things you can do to try to figure out what’s wrong with your website, and potentially fix it on your own. The more information we have on what is wrong the better! Go through and make a list on what is wrong…

• Website Not Showing Up
• Errors coming up
• Not loading fast
• Check your site on GTMetrix
• What have you done since you last knew your website was working correctly?
When was the last time you or someone did any updates?

If you take screenshots as well, this is TREMENDOUSLY helpful.


By the Hour Website Support

$ 100 per hour
  • 1 Hour Minimum
  • Billed in 30 minute increments
  • Estimate of time will be provided
  • Ability to set cap amount of hours.

5 Hours of Website Support

$ 447 5 hours pre-paid
  • No Minimum Hours
  • 5 Hours of Pre-Paid Support
  • Billed in 15 minute increments
  • Use within 6 Months

10 Hours of Website Support

$ 847 5 hours pre-paid
  • No Minimum Hours
  • 10 Hours of Pre-Paid Support
  • Billed in 15 minute increments
  • Use within 12 Months

Note: Time calculated for all packages includes email, text-based chat, slack communication phone calls and video communication in addition to technical work on the website

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Lack of website maintenance can cause a website to break and be unusable.

Site for a previous client that now has another business focus and this site was no longer maintained.

If Your Site Hasn't Been Maintained...

We like to describe to clients, that your website is like your car. You want to ensure that you keep it maintained to ensure that it’s performing at it’s best, and is safe. 

If your website isn’t properly maintained, some of the following have a high probably of happening, it’s never if – it’s when.

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