Don’t Be Fooled: Your Website Is Not A One And Done.

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Don’t Be Fooled: Your Website Is Not A One And Done.

If you have a website, chances are you know keeping up with the content is essential for success. SEO, design updates, and fresh content are all part of maintaining your website. Even after you do the hard work of building and creating, there are still important steps to make sure you reach your target audience. Here’s a look at some important steps you can take that will help you optimize your website and grow your audience after you launch.

What Happens After Your Website Launch?

It’s an exciting accomplishment after your website launches for the first time. After launching your site, regular maintenance is important. Keeping up with SEO, link building, and content development is helpful for your audience.  

Making frequent updates to your website will help with security and maintenance. Have you ever visited a website that took several minutes to load? A faster website allows people to visit more often. 

Website Security

Website security continues beyond purchasing your domain name and publishing content. Your website is only as secure as your last update. An unprotected website allows others to break into your website. The good news is that you can take steps to protect your website and keep it safe. 

  • Use CAPTCHA codes on forms – This ensures that humans submit information and not computers. 
  • Ensure Your SSL Certificate is Installed – SSL Certificates show the internet and your visitors that your site is secure for browsing. It encrypts information sent between the server and the visitor’s browser. 
  • Weekly update – When you log in to your website, you should see update notifications. Check these notifications weekly. Making them right away keeps your website healthy and safe. 

An updated website will run better and ensure that your audience sees all the information you have for them. 

Why Your Website Needs Regular Content Updates

Whether your website is new or old, you can always make improvements and updates. This is actually good for your website. Creating regular content and making updates will increase your traffic. Adding new blog posts with valuable content will also show your audience you took time to create something for them. 

Optimize Your Content

Keeping up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is essential for higher online rankings. Use keywords and phrases that are similar to your business or the content you’re writing. This will help people find your website when they’re searching online. 

Make Frequent Content Updates

When you begin a website, keeping up with everything can seem stressful. Having a content manager for your website can help lighten your load so you can concentrate on your business needs. 

If you don’t have a content manager, start small with your website priorities. Commit to making one small update a week. Perhaps it’s adding a blog post or researching your target audience’s needs. As long as you’re making updates, you don’t need to worry. 

Check Your Analytics

Checking analytics will allow you to see how many people are actually visiting your website. You can also see which pages they’re visiting. This lets you adjust any design elements or content to better serve your audience. An SEO consultant can also give you advice on increasing website traffic through analytic data. 

Increasing Website Traffic

Your website is more than just a great design. Having an attractive design is important, but you also want it to be easy to navigate. If your website isn’t inviting, your website traffic won’t grow and you’ll lose your audience. 

Easy Navigation

It’s fine to make design updates on your menu and contact page. Changes that reflect your business goals will show your visitors that your focus is on them. Make it easy for them to find your online store or informational content. 

Importance of SEO

We mentioned SEO earlier, and its importance in the website content. It makes you more visible on search engines when people are looking for information. The more you use keywords and highlight blog content, the more your website traffic will grow. 

Maintaining a website is an ongoing process. Regular updates allow people to see valuable information and get in touch with you. These are some simple, helpful things you can do to keep your website fresh and grow your audience.  

If you’re wondering “where in the world am I going to have time to manage this”, get in touch with our team as we offer on-going maintenance and content update packages!


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